A Rover Lament     I miss you...

. Hello Mark, David, and Julie:

First of all let me say that I miss seeing all of you. I hope you and your families had a wonderful holiday and that everyone is well. David and Julie - I have been meaning to come down [to O'Brien Auto] and visit but I haven't. Mark - I have wanted to go to some meetings or Offroad Adventure but haven't. I really hope you don't think I bailed on OKRovers because I wanted to.... It is too hard for me to look at Rovers right now!!! (until I get one).

Reprinted with permission.
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Try to imagine -

Your Rover's pulled from you, and you're left with a CAR (yes I said CAR). Just some old Japanese import jobber. Yes it's never in the shop except for oil changes and small maintenance but you might as well be riding a bike. I have a shirt that says "I would rather be pushing a Rover than driving a Ford." I now truly understand that verbage. I have never thought I would miss my Rover as much as I have but I do. Everyday I want to kick myself for getting rid of it. (It was really in AWESOME shape). It's really not just a car but a whole lifestyle thanks to OKRovers. And where can you find a better mechanic than Dave. Or a nicer person to work with in dealing with your car than Julie. I am really gloomy right now because I miss that truck so much - can't even pull myself to come to a OKRovers meeting or visit the O'Brien Auto shop. It hurts to see Rovers in town.

OK Rich - pull out of your depression - get real !!!!

I have literally NO money to spend on a car right now...but it doesn't keep me from looking. I have got to get back into a Rover. It's really hard finding one in Oklahoma so there is ebay... with lots in Dallas - but how can I tell a good one from a lousy one? I am not sure if I want a Rover or a Disco. If I got a Rover I would want one that has been converted (NO AIR SHOCKS) or if I got a Disco - I know I would want a 97 or newer. I love the inside of the Disco (always have) even though it is a soccer mom car or High School kid car (careful Rich) - mine wouldn't look fluffy after I got after it!!! But the Rangie is a classic and it's hard to beat offroad. Did the 95 Rangies have air or real shocks? Are all 95's LWB?? With tax season upon us (refund time) - I am going to do my very best to get back into a Rover of some sorts. Due to money concerns it will also be my everyday driver so I need a dependable truck.
To OKRovers Members:

I miss seeing everyone - I see people's trucks around town. Jim's Rangie, Mark's wife's new Disco II, Randy's Defender, and of course David's Yellow Defender (I see one at UPS is that his?) I miss the offroad adventures with OKRovers as well as the joint Ad-ventures with Green Country Cruisers.

I hope everyone went and got CB's that is the true answer for communicating during offroad. And I am sure there are all kinds of new offroading toys I need to learn about. Anyone offroading with a Freelander yet?

"The Rover is your friend - he looks after you during the bad weather and gets you where you need to be...."

Richard Armstrong

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