4X4 Play     March 2002 - Disney, OK

OKRovers Spring Trail Ride
Disney, Oklahoma - March 2002

Rich Armstrong, 1992 Range Rover County - Tulsa, OK

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The Trails of Disney...Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to Disney we go.
Pulling in to St. Louis Bread, early Saturday - Rover owners got ready for an action packed day.

A VERY large outing - We had people from OKC (Green Country Cruisers) and some people from KC (Flatland LR Society). But the most amazing thing is that the OKRovers group has grown more than 4x its original size in a matter of months. I was so excited to see some new trucks. Disco IIs were a new breed to our group of stallions.

Off we rolled to Disney - a fleet of Rovers - we were to invade Disney. Sure people near Grand Lake see offroad trucks all the time, but how often due they see a huge flock of British Renegades rolling into town.

Those KC guys sure have some fabulous trucks...that kept going through my head. They soon ran their own course for the most part and took on some bigger challenges. However our main group went through some very challenging areas too.

Mud puddles are like running into a cave - no idea what you will be in for. But everyone was up for the challenges. Some of the Cruiser guys made some ruts look easy. (Jody, David and Kevin) My longer wheel based Range Rover didn't like them as much...I bent my spoiler a bit.

Brad and Julie took their wonderful Disco Series II through some wild twists...Tell me if you all ever wish to sell that beautiful truck. As far as the Range Rover that Alex Moore was trying to sell - I guess I will pass. I like my trucks with an exhaust pipe and muffler. Sorry I know that hurts Alex. It felt like your situation (high centered) was a race against time till one of the redneck Chevy trucks ran over you like a monster truck rally. Speaking of Crazy Rednecks - Lynard Skynard blarin and Budweiser cans flyin from the air was enough for most of us to move on...

Bobby B. is interested in the Rover challenge in Kansas - I think.. He sure had no problems in his series truck. I can't believe the dedication you and Mark put toward your trucks...but it sure shows...

My first ride in a Pinzgauer - I must say David - that is one awesome truck that I would love to own. (For 4x4 only...I can't imagine how hot that truck will be this Summer with no AC). But the ability to tackle almost any challenge makes that truck awesome.

Jim Thompson really knows how to deck out the Rover for a true outing. I was impressed, have you ever done any advertising for LL Bean? I mean those dogs were as polite and well mannered as they could be... And how about that Lunch break...wow Rangies do make great Tail Gate parties.

. "Needless to say we all, including the 4-paw drive Rovers, had a great time during the Disney trip outing. The area offered a wide variety of terrain which challenged the hard-core D90s and still the stock Discos held their own on the wooded area trails. The camaraderie of our club members and those from KC plus GC Cruisers made the day even more enjoyable.

All in all, a great day of Rovering and look forward to the next event."

Bliss, Jim, Sweetpea, and Jack

Randy Black got this month's featured club member for taking his Defender and pulling out Jim Thompson's Rangie from a small pool on a previous run. Randy keeps his truck so clean and he is never stuck - Randy what is your secret?

The day for some of us ended at the Prize Giveaway. Thanks to all those contributing prizes including: LR of Tulsa, O'Brien Auto, 4x4 Connection, and others. The majority of the group continued on to tackle some mild rock crawlin.

David Williams has all kinds of upgrades planned for his yellow beast. Jim and Donna Land had some wonderful mud power drives..the pictures will prove this.

. "I had a blast at Disney. I like the first trail we did the best. I love the mud and water. I don't like the rock stuff just yet, don't have the proper protection underneath. It was my first time offroading with a group and will always listen to improve my driving. I can't wait for our next event."

Rover On, David Williams

Take care and Hold on ....the weeks to come will bring more action and more members.

OKRovers - Exclusive Rover pride...Thanks, Rich.

Trail Reporter
Rich Armstrong

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