4X4 Play     August 2002 - Ozark, AR

. On the Friday evening in the local watering hole the mood was set for a fun gathering of OKRovers members. On Saturday morning one of the two lightweights never made it out of the starting gate. The other lightweight in the group got to the trailhead but not much further. Soon afterwards the Series IIA 109" almost had a roll-over down a hillside, and Brad's Disco got a flat tire. And all that before we hit the trail. .

. . When we finally reached the beginning of Waggley Hollow trail, a quick reconaissance showed that the final hurdle was not to be overcome - Mother Nature had won out with several mighty trees across the trail.

Some of the group decided to do the John Turner Trail, one that had taken many a differential hostage on previous occasions. The trail pics here are from the John Turner Trail.

It was hot and sticky with plenty of mozzies for good measure. It was a short trail but took three hours to complete. There was plenty of hard work, with all of us wishing we had remembered to pack the chainsaw.

From one of the ravines Daniel took home a war wound, but apart from that the Rovers behaved superbly.