Bumba Rocks!     OKRovers Expedition '03

Day One - Memphis, TN
After having to work a half day, I hopped in the Disco around 12 noon and went to pick up my wingman, Jason Blackburn. We packed the Disco, and headed across the bridge into West Memphis, AR to pick up Bumba who was getting some custom side recovery points welded on. After an hour of small talk, we finally strapped Bumba down on the trailer I had borrowed from a friend. First, some gas at the local station, then on to the interstate.

Well, we got about 1/2 a mile before the traffic brought things to a stand still. I threw the Disco in park in the middle of the exit ramp from 55 South to 40 west. When things cleared up, the disco wouldn't move. Seems it was stuck in park and it wasn't budging. Hmm. Stuck in the middle of the interstate with semis flying by at 70MPH. Uh-oh. Not good. After an hour waiting on AAA, we took Bumba off the trailer and decided to have the disco towed back to the dealership. In a bit of a hurried decision, we decided to take Bumba on a cross country trek. Would we make it? Didn't think so. Actually, we were both petrified. Anyway, it was so hot we weren't thinking straight. Which is one of the reasons why we took the doors off in West Memphis (1st really stupid decision of the trip that would haunt us the rest of the journey). We immediately proceeded to buy a case of beer for the first leg of the journey. This got us to our first stop of the night. Somewheresville, AR, about 2-1/2 hours east of OKC. We made it to the Love's truck stop and crashed out. Jason laying in the back of Bumba, on top of sleeping bags, suitcases and 300 pounds of crap. Me on the sidewalk of the back parking lot. You'd be amazed at how comfortable cement can be after driving Bumba for 7 hours. Good thing too as tornadoes hit OKC about the same time we would have. This wouldn't be the first time God would watch out for the "Twins" (as we would later become known as).