Members & their Rovers     Andrew Macris, Memphis, TN

'96 Willow Green Disco SE
Pretty much stock with bars and guards

1974 Series III Lightweight
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. Description: Really cool ex-british military. Served in canada for the SAS up until 4 years ago. Rebuilt by the PO out of 3 decent lightweights. Most power of any series truck I've driven.
Custom Mods: Warn 8274 winch, 12V conversion, 2.5 Diesel converted to gas with 5MB, powerplus camshaft, K&N filter, 100+HP
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In the works:
Full D-90 style roll cage, raised air intake, rock sliders w/ side jacking points, A-bar with limb risers.
Recent Upgrades:
Rear ARB locker, new gearbox, transfer case, handbrake, Axe & Shovel, British spring 2-leaf front/3-leaf rear parabolics, Monroe gas shocks, 33 x 9.5 BFG MT, Roverdrive, diff guards front/rear, Cobra CB, Cobra FRS radios, Garmin Emap GPS, Warn 8274 winch, straps, shackles, snatch block, Off road lights, Pertronix electronic ignition, Recovery points front/rear, two full-size jerry cans.
. Goes Offroad:
Yes - Monteagle, near Chattanooga, TN
Crazy LR Story:
One night, on vacation in South Africa, 14 of us in a stretched IIa 109 chased a leapord through nasty brush. Spotted him up a tree and spotlighted the little feller. The 109, despite 1,500 pounds of humans, did an admirable job of keeping up.
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Why Land Rover: I enjoy knowing my car can be stranded on train tracks, a train hit it, and I'll be ok. (Remember that Rangie in England last year?) Seriously though, my Discovery is a quality built vehicle. My Lightweight is a tank. I love that look that people give me when I tell 'em I've got two rovers. (And it doesn't hurt with the chics either!)
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How it all Began:
Back when I graduated college, I couldn't afford much. So I got a used honda that I drove until the wheels literally fell off. 288,000 miles. When it finally went, I wanted something with a little personality -- and I could afford it -- so I bought a Discovery. In Nashville, I used to take it wheeling. Just loved it. And I haven't looked back since.

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