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7 watts audio output.
40-channel LED display.
S/RF 4-segment LED meter.
Built-in automatic noise limiter.
Transmission LED indicator.
Volume and squelch control.
Includes mounting hardware.

Note: For truck installation a full quarter wave whip antenna should be used for maximum efficiency.
40-Channel 2-Way CB Radio

The PRO-510XL 40 Channel 2-Way CB Radio from Uniden is without question one of the most popular compact Citizen Band radios on the market. This unit features a superheterodyne circuit with phase-locked loop techniques to assure precise frequency control. This radio is certified by the FCC for use on any of the 40 authorized am frequencies.

Dimensions: 41/2" W x 63/4" D x 13/8" H.
Unit Weight: 1 lb 9 oz.
Plug-in dynamic microphone included.
16 ohms, 3 watts round internal speaker.
External speaker jack included.
Standard antenna connector.

PRO-510 XL CB Radio
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Total . 67.95 .
* Includes sales tax in Oklahoma only

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