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Made from galvanized steel with a specially treated internal lining the original Jerry Can design works perfectly with our XD lockable Fuel Can Holder (see below).
5 Gallon Diesel Jerry Can - Wedco

Ecologically-friendly EPA compliant steel Jerry Can, 100% approved by the California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B.). Passes all emission and spill control regulations. Features a spill-proof spout with automatic shut-off that is self-venting. Approved for use in all states.

Fits our XD lockable Fuel Can Holder.
Legal in all 50 states.
Meets all environmental requirements.
EPA, CARB, UL, & ATSM F852-2009 approved.
Galvanized steel with internally-treated lining.
Automatic shut-off, Self-venting spout.
Spill-proof closure for storage.
Child resistant cap.
19" H x 13" W x 63/4" D.
Made in North America.

Wedco Steel Diesel Can
. $74.95

Total . $93.95 .
* Includes sales tax for shipments within Oklahoma

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HD Jerry Can Holder

Compatible with our original steel jerrycans - Gas, Diesel, & Water. Yes it's Lockable!

NATO-Style Gas Can

Our Classic NATO-style 5 gallon metal gas can is made in the U.S. to the highest standards.

Wedco Jerry Can (Gas)

The original steel jerry gas can now 50 state approved. Compatible with our lockable HD JerryCan Holder.

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