Picture Gallery     The Airportable Lightweight

Lightweights are cool!. Unlike any other Rover before or since, their unique design make them the quintessential rugged off-road toy. And we've got several around. .

This pristine 2A beauty is from Paul McGovern

Series III RHD (12volt).
Andrew Thomlinson, Glasgow, Scotland.

Mounted on coil-sprung shortened Range Rover chassis.
. 1981 Series III RHD (12volt).
Mike Painter, Shropshire, England.

Came out of service in 1998. It had gone into service 1 year prior to the Falklands war & had been in the 1st Iraq war.
Series III RHD (12volt).
Andrew Cullen, Portlaw, Ireland.

. 1974 Series III LHD (24-12volt conversion).
Andrew Macris, Memphis, Tennessee.

Served in canada for the SAS up until 1998.
1973 Series III RHD (24volt).
Mark Kiely, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Spent most of its early life on the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean as a radio truck.