Members & their Rovers     Bill McGhee, Broken Arrow, OK

. 1997 Discovery I SE7
Beluga Black. Got this truck used but it has every option. Was a previous 'soccer mom' truck. Now has - 3" lift, 32" tires, steering damper relocate, custom exhaust, K&N, D2 cup holders (yea baby!).

Wish List:
Cones and straps, skid plates, diff guards, hd half shafts, lockers, winch.

Goes offroad:
Yes. Really like Gilmer, TX.

Why Land Rover:
Not sure. It's a bug of some kind I guess. I do love tearing my truck up for some reason. Maybe one day I can afford this crazy lifestyle.
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Crazy LR Story: Twice at SCARR I broke the bottom spring retainer and had to fix it on the trail. Ground the roter away and bent on OME shock. Learned more about r/r springs in those two days than I ever wanted to know. No going w/ cones and hd bottm straps to avoid this ever happening again.

How it all began: Needed a 4 door when the second child came along. It was too hard to get the car seat into the Jeep.