Members & their Rovers     Alan Bates, Tulsa, OK

. 1992 Range Rover County Classic
Description: White / Tan Interior, 119,000 Miles as of Nov. '02. Runs like new, knock on wood dash!
Custom Mods: ARB Bumper with Mile Marker E8000 Winch, Hella FF1000 Lights, Rovertym Sliders. OME HD Springs, Shocks, and Stabilizer, 235/85/16 Interco Trxus MT's on 3-Spoke Alloys Painted Krylon Black, Front & Rear Diff Guards, Steering Guard, ARB Bumper with Milemarker 8000 Winch w/ Hella 500's, Brownchurch Roof Rack w/ Hi-Lift & Hella Matador Work Lamp.
Wish list:
Detriot Locker for Rear, True-Trac for Front. Heavy Duty Axles and Hubs.

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. Goes Offroad:
Yes - Clayton, Oklahoma
Crazy LR Story:
My first Rover was a 1989 Range Rover that I had about 10 years ago, drove it from Tulsa to Florida Keys, the AC compressor seized in Miami, drove all the way back to Tulsa with no AC in the middle of August, truly miserable.
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Why Land Rover:
I have owned 4 different Land Rovers, They have all had their fair share of idosyncrasies, but once you are bitten by the Land Rover bug you will get the illness.
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How it all Began:
I have always admired the ageless look of the Range Rover Classic, bought my first Rover in 1992, it was a silver 1989 and have owned various Rovers ever since.
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. 1996 Range Rover 4.0se
Description: Niagara Gray.
Custom Mods: Motorcarsltd EAS to Coil Spring Kit, OME 761 Front Springs, OME 781 Rear Springs, JKS Swaybar Quick Disconnects, Bilstein Shocks, Safety Devices Roof Rack with 4 Hella FF300 Lights.
[ View EAS/Coil conversion & OME Lift Install]
Wish list:
ARB Front and Rear Lockers, Bumper with Winch, Rock Sliders.

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