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Thanks to Panera Bread
Club Meetings
Club Meetings are held at 9:00am on the last Saturday of each month. Exceptions to this are always likely. Please check here for exact date of the 'next' meeting.
TULSA - Panera Bread
71st & Lewis Ave.

OKC - Panera Bread
15th & Bryant, Edmond

SCARR 2007, TX
April, 2007

See the pics!

Clayton, OK
February, 2005

A Joint AdVenture with Texas Rovers to Clayton for the weekend of February 26 & 27... Click here to see the pics.

Kansas Rocks ORV Park, KS
May, 2004

They came in Rovers. They came in Unimogs and Jeeps. There was lots of mud, and the trails were narrow, and a good time was had by all... Click here to see the pics.

Gilmer, TX
April 30, 2004

Texas Rovers had it planned for a while. There was a tremendous turnout with Rovers from all over the southwest converging on Gilmer, Texas for a weekend of Rover fun. 59 out of 73 registered Rovers showed. There was mud and it rained and there was more mud... Click here to see the pics.

J&D ORV Park, Joplin, MO
February and April

The first time in February there was a layer of snow and ice hiding everything in the park. The second time in April it rained most of the day. But on both occassions a good time was had by all, and here are the pics to prove it. Can you guess which are from the February (snow) day... Click here to see lots of trail pics.

October 4-5, 2003.

Considering that they both had open front and rear differentials, this maybe a first up 3-Stage, but for sure in a Land Rover. Most that do make it up 3-Stage have front and rear locking differentials.. Click here to see the report with lots of trail pics.

Disney, OK - Fall season kick-off. September '03.
It had rained solid for three days prior to our Disney day. And then the weather held up well throughout our trail ride. In spite of the accompanying picture of Dana's DI pretty stuck, a good time was had by all in Disney. It was a good kick-off to the Fall season of fourwheeling. Click here to see trail pics.

Clayton, Oklahoma - Trail Ride
March 15, 16, 2003.

The weather was clear and perfect with temperatures in the 60ís, couldnít ask for anything better. The day started rather innocently with everyone meeting Saturday morning at Clayton Lake State Park, but things would change. Click here to see the report with lots of trail pics.

RTI Testing OKC - February, 2003
Although a little chilly throughout the morning, an interesting time was had by all during the OKC ramp testing. Click here to see the results. And of course, no OKRovers event would be complete without a visit from the White Rover Gang.

Disney Trail Ride - February, 2003
With no particular agenda except to enjoy a day of fourwheeling, the core group of OKRovers headed once again to our favorite playground. Click here to see the report of the day's fun.

Angle Measurement
Meeting - January, 2003

Ever wonder what that little suspension mod, or new bumper did to your approach or departure angle? Click here to see the results of our angle measurement from our Tulsa meeting in January.

Hot Springs - Superlift ORV Park
Trail Ride - December, 2002

We had four Rovers and two Jeeps on the trip, and everybody had a real good time. The trails were in good shape, and all the Rovers did well, as did the Jeeps. No trail carnage (unless you count bumper caps), no winching, no pulls needed. Click here for trail report.

RTI Testing Tulsa - November, 2002
The ramp travel index became popular in the 80s when suspension lifts were the new thing, and everyone wanted to know how well a truck articulated. We organized a ramp test day, and had a good turnout. Some had recently carried out extensive suspension mods and upgraded tire sizes. Others wanted to know how well a stock Rover performed on the ramp. The results tell the tale. Click here for the follow-up pics and report.

Joint (Ad)Ventures - October, 2002
After a brief stop in Tulsa to meet the rest of the Land Rover folks, a convoy of five Rovers was rolling towards Disney for a day of wheeling for the Green Country Cruisers fall picnic. Mark Kiely was in the lead with his Discovery towing the venerable Lightweight. Randy Black was next with his D90 in tow. David Williams followed in Margaritaville, and finally I took up the tail in my Discovery. Click here for the follow-up pics and report by Dana Giles.

Ozark Nat'l Forest - August, 2002
When we finally reached the Waggley Hollow trail we were stumped by a recent tree-fall. A small number of trucks then decided to do the John Turner trail. Click here for the follow-up pics.

Disney Spring Trail Ride, 2002
On March 23, 2002, the OKRovers came out in force for a fun-filled day of camaraderie on the trails in Disney, Oklahoma. Click here for the follow-up report and photos.

Poker Run, Winter 2001, 2002
On January 19th, 2002, we joined the Green Country Cruisers on their annual "Poker Run" in Cass, Arkansas. Cass is ~81 miles southeast of Fayetteville. Coming over on I-40 it's just 23 miles north of I-40 at Ozark, AR. - Click here for the follow-up report and photos.

Trail Clean-up, December, 2001
On December 8, 2001 some of us went up to Grand Lake to help out with the trail clean-up (sad to think that such an event needs to take place). - Click here for the follow-up report and photos.

GCC Fall Picnic, 2001
In October, 2001 some of our members joined up for some off-roading with the Green Country Cruiser Club at their Fall picnic in Disney, OK. - Click here for the follow-up trail report with more photos.