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Rovers are everywhere! My kids are starting to do it, "Look Daddy - Land Rover!" My wife thinks we're nuts, but everywhere we go, and whenever we turn on the TV or watch a movie they're there.

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"Bad Boys II" Toward the end of the movie, there is a rescue mission to Cuba. The first sighting is a pair of Forward Control 101s. The second is a great chase scene between a Hummer 2 and a well used 109. The 109 keeps up the entire time and puts the Hummer to the test.
Submitted by: Michael Baker, Tulsa, OK
Sighting: Movie
Date Posted: 2/9/04

"The Italian Job" first part of the movie, Austrian bridge ambush... X2 Defender 110's. Ending Credits - SII Disco
Submitted by: Michael Baker, Tulsa, OK
Sighting: Movie
Date Posted: 1/14/04

The Dell Computer commercial that depicts a computer "basic training" camp has a 109 Land Rover in the background of one of the scenes.
Submitted by: John Johnston, McAlester, OK
Sighting: TV
Date Posted: 1/8/04
Also submitted by: Michael Baker, Tulsa, OK
Date Posted: 1/4/04

On the Bonus Features Disc of the new Indiana Jones Trilogy Box Set, Check out the featurette on Stunts. Near the end they show a Land Rover Defender HCPU that has a camera platform mounted on it. This vehicle is filming the dual tread tank in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
Submitted by: Kevin Hawkins, Overland Park, KS
Sighting: Movie
Date Posted: 1/1/04

"Anger Management". In the movie Dr. Buddy Rydell (played by Jack Nicholson) drives a 1995 Range Rover LWB. He gently bumps a Lexus to get out of a tight parking spot.
Submitted by: Gus Moreno, Tulsa, OK
Sighting: Movie
Date Posted: 9/30/03
Also submitted by: Eric Stephens, Norman, OK
Date Posted: 10/13/03

We found this Rover in an interesting place, the Knoxville Zoo. They had it in the African animal exhibit area. And as you can see, they had it set up so the kids could easily play on it.
Submitted by: Kevin Yeager
Sighting: HBO
Date Posted: 8/5/03

Freddie Prinze Jr. drives a AA Yellow Defender 90 in the teen movie, "She's All That". His dad went to Dartmouth, so I guess that's how he affords the insurance for it.
Submitted by: Eric Stephens, Norman, OK
Sighting: Movie
Date Posted: 6/30/03

In the movie "High Crimes", Ashley Judd is entering a marine base in California, and you see two Discoveries driving on the road inside the base.
Submitted by: Tim Woolford, Benton, AR
Sighting: Movie
Date Posted: 11/20/02

In the movie " DON'T SAY A WORD" with Michael Douglas. He drives a Discovery.
Submitted by: Leon Kedzierski, Owings Mills, MD
Sighting: Movie
Date Posted: 8/30/02

Steven Seagal and Jill Hennessy put a Classic Range Rover through it's paces. They shoot the crap out of it. A door comes off and they jump it out of a parking garage.
Submitted by: Eric Stephens
Sighting: HBO
Date Posted: 4/11/02

My 2 youngest were watching Tele-Tubbies on PBS and they had a piece on an African game preserve. The vehicle that was used for the tour was a Land Rover, to be exact it was a Defender 110 Safari Car
Submitted by: Kevin Yeager
Sighting: Tele-Tubbies PBS
Date Posted: 3/15/02

Just caught the last few minutes of Roxanne - Darryl Hannah & Steve Martin, he's sitting on the roof of the house, and there's a LWB Series Rover parked at the side of the house. Now I want to watch the whole movie just to see if there's more footage of the Rover.
Submitted by: John Moore
Sighting: TV
Date Posted: 12/2/01
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. Swiss Series
Submitted by: David Williams
Sighting: Near Zermatt, CH
Date Posted: 11/11/04

. Rovers in Costa Rica
Submitted by: Ryan Richardson
Sighting: OKC, AR
Date Posted: 6/28/04
. Rangero
The armored Rangie is owned by a Central American from El Salvador. He had it armorized back in '78 along with a Grand Waggoner that he has here too.
He still has an '86 Land Cruiser down there that is armored too. Family was in the coffee biz too. The 130 had a TD5 and had just sold to a Coffee Plantation owner 2 hours west of San Jose. Nice guy. He was driving a Series IIa and this was his first new purchase. Said it cost him the equivalent of $65K USD with the taxes.
. Turkish Rovers
Submitted by: Peter Nutt
Sighting: Jonesboro, AR
Date Posted: 6/14/04
Current work site has several Landies running about here in Bosnia. As you can see they are operated by different military units in Multi-National Task Force.
. Carabinieri
Submitted by: Tom Grogg
Sighting: Newport Beach, CA
Date Posted: 6/14/04
. More Carabinieri
Submitted by: Peter Nutt
Sighting: Jonesboro, AR
Date Posted: 6/14/04
On a recent trip to Italy, the thought occurs to us that the italian Police have their priorities right.
. Rovers in Iraq
Submitted by: Peter Nutt
Sighting: Jonesboro, AR
Date Posted: 5/3/04
Sightings during a trip through Iraq. We kinda had the upper hand in this area. Brit's were a raucous rowdy bunch though, had great fun.
. Popemobile
Submitted by: Gus Moreno
Sighting: ?????
Date Posted: 9/30/03
I've seen several Pope mobiles throughout my life but I think this is the coolest one. 1982 2-Door Rangie.

. Bella Italia
Submitted by: David Williams
Sighting: Tulsa, OK
Date Posted: 8/5/03
. Just got back from two week vacation in Italy. I was very surprised on how many and variety of Land Rovers I saw. In Florence, the police cars were Defenders and Disco's. The police disco was in Milan and the Series was in the town of Assisi.
On the island of Capri, the fire and rescue was a Defender. I saw defenders in every town I traveled through. Even saw a couple of military Series trucks. The freelander is also very popular over there.
. G4 & Bass Pro Shop
Submitted by: David Downing
Sighting: Springfield, MO
Date Posted: 6/30/03
. A few pictures of the G4 Competition Land Rovers at our local big tourist attraction "Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World." These great looking trucks out on the parking lot captured my attention more than the boats, fishing lures, and camping equipment.
There were two carriers, each with five trucks. It was a rainy day but I had to have a few pictures.
. Southern Iraq
Submitted by: Michael Baker
Sighting: British MOD
Date Posted: 4/2/03
An armed Land Rover of 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment advances past an oil well set alight by Iraqi forces.

. Rovers in Kuwait
Submitted by: Eric Stephens
Sighting: Reuters
Date Posted: 3/24/03
Surfing for news spotted this Rover air borne somewhere in Kuwait. Rat Patrol flashback complete.

. Submitted by: Paul Davis
Sighting: St. Maarten, Dutch West Indies
Date Posted: 2/10/03
Shots were taken in the town of Philipsburg, St. Maarten in the Dutch West Indies. I don't know the year but it is a Defender 110. I spotted the D-110 on December 7, 2002.
Daniel spotted what may well be the new Defender on a recent visit to the Toyko Motor Show.
Submitted by: Daniel Ritchie
Sighting: Toyko, Japan
Date Posted: 10/30/02

Pic is from the the Mexico City daily, "The News."
Submitted by: Jim Thompson
Sighting: The News, Daily
Date Posted: 10/07/02

. Spanish Series Rover!

Submitted by: Alan Cope
Sighting: Tenerife, Spain
Date Posted: 6/17/02
Heres one you may not have seen!
A SANTANA and it was built under licence in Spain. I spotted this one high up in a small mountain village in Tenerife (Canary Islands).
(Note the Defender front end, the triple wiper set, and the full windshield - OKRovers)
. Rovers in Afghanistan

Submitted by: Brad Smith
Sighting: Tulsa World, Daily
Date Posted: 6/03/02
How about that for a Defender!!
Pic is from the Tulsa World. It was taken by an AP photographer.

. Monster Trucks?

Submitted by: Kevin Yeager
Sighting: Claremore, OK
Date Posted: 5/28/02
"The latest thing in body armor to protect your Land Rover from trail damage."
These 2 Discoveries are on the Rear View page of Four Wheeler magazine's July 2002 issue. They were photographed by Jon Barricklow of Salem, Oregon.

. Submitted by: Mark Kiely
Sighting: San Diego, California
Date Posted: 4/01/02
Spring Break 2002 saw us in L.A. and San Diego (Disneyland and LegoLand) with the kids. This wonderful example of a Series IIA ambulance was spotted 5 minutes from the beach in sunny La Jolla, just north of San Diego.

On my recent trip home for the holidays, spotted these two excellent examples of D-110s. The first in the employ of the "Port of Waterford" as per logo on side panel. Complete with winch bumper and "SuperWinch" mounted. The second a private truck with lots of diamond plate and BF Goodrich rubber.
Submitted by: Mark Kiely
Sighting: Waterford, Ireland
Date Posted: 7/01/02

I spotted this slightly knackered North American 86" SI still truckin' in Denver
Submitted by: Erik Neal
Sighting: Denver, CO
Date Posted: 11/30/01


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