The Rover Wave     Alive and kickin'

The Rover Wave: What happened to the wave? Time was, there were so few Rovers of any kind on OK roads, that one engaged in the "I belong" gesture of the Rover Wave.
Yes, keep it! No, Forget it!
After all, where are we?
Greenlaning in England?

.  78%
.  22%
. Now when we talk about the wave, for those newbies to the Land Rover thing, we're not talking a "Forrest Gump...Oops-I-fell-off-the-jetty" sort of full open hand wave. No - No! It's more of a simple flat palm raised off the steering wheel to oncoming Rovers, or though the side window (driver's side only) to parked Rovers (assuming there's someone in them). Never wave to a Rover without occupants - that's being a complete Wally, and you may be threatened with banishment to forever driving an Explorer. .
. .
But why do it at all?
Well, a good reason, and reason enough is that Explorer owners don't do it. But seriously, owning a Rover, as we all know, is all about life-style, and not necessarily a wannabe life-style. No, we're actually living it, everyday we drop the kids off in our "go anywhere" truck. And the difference between our "SUV" and another brand, is that our "Best4X4ByFar" really is, the best. Is there another family SUV on the market with which you can quite literally take from the showroom floor and 'wheel Moab.

OK, but what does it mean?
The Wave says, I know what I'm driving, and I'm checking to see if you do too. And guys be careful! - remember the correct wave (flat palm). We don't want a Soccer Mom getting all bent out of shape, because on that one day that she borrows hubby's truck, she's inundated with what she thinks is guys trying to pick her up on the highway.

But now Rovers are everywhere!
Well, not quite! Solihull's best export has not quite conquered the New World as yet. Yes, it seems to avid LR fans like us that they are everywhere, that's just because our brain has involuntarily trained our eyes to notice the marque from a great distance. But they definitely are becoming increasingly popular in North America, and especially here on Oklahoma roads. But, is that a reason to abolish "The Wave?" I say, it's all the more reason to revive it, embrace it, and nurture it. Get over your inhibitions! Sure it'll feel a little funny at first, especially if the wave is not reciprocated (biggest Land Rover No-No! - definite Wally). The guy driving the shiny new Freelander gets a cool salute from you in the Defender 110, and you've made his Rover day.

Which brings us to another point!
Observe that there is no hierarchy among Rovers. Rovers are Rovers! Don't differentiate between an old Rover and a new, a stock original Rover and one that is heavily modified, or a Series Rover and a 4.6 Rangie for example. We love them all, and that goes for the Freelander too. It too, in its class, is the most capable out there. Snobbery amongst Rovers is frowned upon!

Really more of a Salute than a Wave!
If we called it the Rover Salute would you be more prone to reviving it? Fine, we'll call it the Rover Salute - sounds like an old bottle of Scotch. Here's to you!

Let's hear from you!

. The Rover Smile! - Forget the Rover Wave!!
I have been getting the Rover Smile lately. Just today at lunch a Rover Aware Soccer Mom gave me a big toothy smile from behind the wheel of her Disco II.
Give me the smile any day!

Eric Stephens (club member)
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